Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Has it been a week!

Been neglecting this a bit.

Mostly because Ive not been anywhere interesting in the last week! Just in my parents garden with the kids and the paddling pool. Fun, but not blog worthy ;)

Today is going to be blitz the flat day today. Not going out (apart from some puddle jumping i promised Alice when the rain has stopped) so me and the kids might end up making some cakes or something.

We need this rain though! If not only to water the plants and clear the air... the rubbish weather makes me more inclined to do some much needed housework! Just a tiny bit behind with the washing.

Alice has asked me to make some clothes for her new dolly, so i might attempt that today. Few other sewing bits and bobs i want to do, but we will see if i get around to them.

Now.... what to do for dinner?

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