Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Been A While

Oops... Been a while since i last updated this blog.

been spending time with the kids, doing bits and bobs in my parents garden. nothing of any real interest really.

I will find something interesting to put on here in the next few days!


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Anyone know what this plant is?!

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I think lewis has very sore knees

Going by the amount of sudocrem he put on his knees!!!

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Has it been a week!

Been neglecting this a bit.

Mostly because Ive not been anywhere interesting in the last week! Just in my parents garden with the kids and the paddling pool. Fun, but not blog worthy ;)

Today is going to be blitz the flat day today. Not going out (apart from some puddle jumping i promised Alice when the rain has stopped) so me and the kids might end up making some cakes or something.

We need this rain though! If not only to water the plants and clear the air... the rubbish weather makes me more inclined to do some much needed housework! Just a tiny bit behind with the washing.

Alice has asked me to make some clothes for her new dolly, so i might attempt that today. Few other sewing bits and bobs i want to do, but we will see if i get around to them.

Now.... what to do for dinner?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I have photographic evidence of me running...

and your not seeing ;)

however, you can see this photo:




Monday, 21 June 2010

Weekend & today

Been a busy one!

Every year we attend the Jones's family bbq. My grandad (my mums side) is one of 8 children. Every year everyone who can make it, plus their families go to a park in Kent. This year it fell on the Saturday just passed.

The weather was not that kind to us, imagine me & adam and my mum & dad bbqing in the rain, whilst everyone else hid under the gazebo to keep dry! it was on and off rain, so by the time we dried out, it started again. Brightened up later on enough for us to play a game of rounders and yes... i got caught out (still saved me running, which was my plan all along!).

Alice and Lewis had a brilliant time!!! running around, eating, being spoilt by the grandparents & great grandparents (and the rest of the family!).

Sunday - recovering from Saturday!! Went to mums to drop off the chairs etc, that we had in the back of our car from the day before, discovered parents neighbours had started to rip down the fence and ivy, so all chipped in and did that (took my parents two trips to the dump to get rid of the ivy we tore down, and there is still more to go!). Also waved my brother off as my parents took him back up to Norwich. Back home to do bugger all!

Today - went to mums via the library. Spend most of the rest of the day in my parents back garden playing with the sandpit and next doors dog who has decided our garden is much more fun that his own.

Alice polished off the only red strawberry we had, she said it was yummy :) And she picked a tiny carrot out of the pot and said the carrots made her thirsty! We trimmed the tom plant back and it looks like we will have a fair few tomatos, but they are still to pop out.

Adam has agreed to let me get more planters for the various windowsils we have! i need at least one 'pretty' pot which serves no purpose than to put a smile on my face, but the rest of them i would love to be productive pots. Last year we had a bit of luck with some sort of salad leaf.. might see if we can give them ago again. Also, need to repot up my herbs as the tiny shoots we had are long gone!

So, now i just need to decide what pretty plants i want... something easy, but pretty.
We tend to be hit and miss with plants - no idea what we do to them, but they either thrive or die.

As soon as Adam has put them on his laptop i will upload various photos from the weekend.

Own up! Who made our strawberry look like a bum!

And a hairy bum at that!!!