Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Damp Tuesday

After getting no sleep for no other reason that my feet were hot, im shattered today!

Weather is really grotty today, so we are staying in :D if it brightens up, might take a stroll up the road and get some chocolate to make some chocolate cakes.

My parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow night (so alice can show off her new bed & bedroom!) so i really need to blitz the flat. But my sewing machine is calling, and i did promise Alice and Lewis a fishing game. Might just have to make that first, before i sort this place out.

Yesterday i finished Alice's den. Just need to make LOADS of little alice sized pillows for her and Lewis to sit on. Could do with getting a cheap dvd/tape rack type thing for her films... at the moment they are piled up.

Three cheers for rainy Tuesday!


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